Megalomatic – Stan Darsh SINGLE REVIEW

Glasgow band Megalomatic hit my ears last year when going to see a friends band play and ever since seeing them I’ve kept my eye out for anything new they’re doing. The powerful three-piece post rock band kept my attention due to their insane “riffage” and extremely unique vocals from singer Craig Mckenzie, the three are very much in sync and this is evident in their recordings as well as when they play live even when they are all running rampage!

You can imagine my excitement when they announced the release of their debut single “Stan Darsh”. It starts with the guitar playing the main riff which returns throughout, we then hear Craig’s distinctive voice full of emotion captivating the listener even as the loud distorted guitar, strong bass and impressive banging of drums goes on around him! The song dies down with vocals swirling around repeating “Imagine this heartbeat to the sound of a machine gun. There’s something in the sky that I’m not scared enough to run from.” building up to the explosive ending that is inevitable with this band. An all in all well done the boys in Megalomatic on this one!

Check the single out here!

You’ll be even happier to know that the band are doing various shows soon that are listed below:

01 The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
02 Audio, Glasgow
03 Lounge 41, Workington
04 Harleys, Ayr

08 Fanny By Gaslight, Kilmarnock
09 Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow



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